Members of Myeuronet Network participate, as leader or partner, in several international projects financed by the European Union, the Italian Ministry for Economic Development or other international organisations. By participating in these initiatives, we ensure our customers a variety of high added value services related to vocational training, internationalisation of enterprises and entrepreneurship of young people.

Our most important mission is to monitor and analyse EU policies and funding programmes, to draft EU project and tenders, to define international partnerships, to implement and report projects to the EU. Currently, we are managing projects in the field of entrepreneurship, education, tourism, cooperation, development, food.

EASE&SEE - “Enabling Actions for Social Enterprises in South East Europe”
MyEuronet Partner Involved:  Sofia
Partners: Italy (City of Venice – Lead Partner, Veneto Region), Slovenia (RDA of Northern Primorska regional development agency Ltd. Nova Gorica), Hungary (Pannon Business Network Association), Austria (Association for Waste Prevention – ARGE), Serbia (Chamber of Commerce  and Industry)
Funding Program: South East Europe
Project Duration: 24 months
E-mail Contact: (Tanya Trayanova)

The EASE AND SEE (Enabling Actions for Social Enterprises in South East Europe) is a European transnational project focused on innovative social entrepreneurship which considers Social Enterprises being active players in business community and not only in the welfare system; it aims at strengthening their relationships with “traditional” enterprises and financial industry as well as it implements concrete solutions to support economic development and networking at local and European level. EASE AND SEE specific objectives are:

  • To create innovation among entrepreneurial services addressed to social entrepreneurship;
  • To promote mechanisms and benefits of making cooperation happen between public authorities, for profit companies and social enterprises through concrete relationships among them and promotion of innovative clusters;
  • To create a network capable to work on specific legal and operational programs within SEE area with the purpose of promoting a sustainable development  of social entrepreneurship;
  • To increase contracts, business offer managed by social companies in the SEE area;
  • To support the increasing of employment rate in the SEE area.