Business Skills Explorer: Be ready! The 2nd Pilot run is coming…

Don’t miss the opportunity to “feel like your own boss”!

Awarded by the EU Commission and managed by the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce with eight international partners, the M-House project is going to make the Latin motto HOMO faber fortunae suae a meaningful reality, thanks to the on-line training “Business Skills Explorer: from home to entrepreneurship”.

This two-year online course is based on a non-formal learning method and it contributes to the, sustainable development of the EU advanced knowledge society, promoting competitiveness, employability and entrepreneurial spirit among adult households.

The first trial of the course has just concluded… but NO WORRIES, the second pilot run is about to be launched and to welcome everyone who wants to find alternative employment pathways and foster his/her personal fulfilment. From the beginning of March till the end of June 2015, you can take part to this adventure, so be ready to start!

The course is based on a bottom-up approach and it is divided in eight modules with different tasks; learners are encouraged to go through a self-reflection and interaction with others, everything with the moderation of high skilled tutors.

You can experience this learning programme and complete the exercises online, via your personal smartphone, tablet or pc: a breaking new initiative to develop an innovative mobile-learning course. In fact, the learning environment is available on an on-line platform, where you access creating your own profile and that can be downloaded on your mobile device.

The main aim of Business Skills Explorer course is to stimulate the unexplored business skills of households and bring them “from home to entrepreneurship”. Furthermore, we give you the chance to meet households from other European countries sharing a pleasant and informal environment in order to implement your (business) network.

For further information visit our website or join us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

So, now stop wondering about yourself as an entrepreneur: simply make it! Take part in our project and grasp this opportunity to develop your professional profile!