The Success of the IMES Placement: find out what our graduates are up to!

The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce is now at its 23rd edition of the International Master in European Studies ( designed for those who wish to acquire competences as EU Policy Advisors or EU Project Managers.

This post-graduate Master provides participants with a unique opportunity to enter the EU job market, starting from the center of Europe, Brussels. The added value of the course lies, in facts, in its setting and in the possibility to acquire knowledge and skills in an only three-month period, through a learning-by-doing process that combines academic sessions with hands-on practical work on European projects and tenders.

During the Master and also after it, students are followed by experts of the sector and helped to start or upgrade their career thanks to the Job Link Module, thought to support IMES graduates in their first steps into the EU framework. Professional advice and assistance are given to refine profiles and CVs in order to make it more appropriate for each specific need and for the preferred job to apply for.

The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce also proposes traineeship and job opportunities in Brussels using its vast network of partnerships and contacts with Institutions and organizations, constantly monitoring students’ results and careers from the very beginning of the Master till 12 months after its end.

In the 22nd edition of the IMES, the latest one, 71% of the participants found an internship or a job during the Master or within 3 months from the end, while 11% returned to their previous job.

Most of them are now working in Brussels (61%), whereas others returned to their home country (26%) or went to another EU country (13%).

The strong point of the Master is that it gives students a chance to find their place in the EU field, even though they have different types of backgrounds: most of IMES’ participants are graduated in international sciences, economics, linguistics, management, engineering and law, but also in communication, marketing, social sciences, philosophy, architecture and many other sectors.

The principal IMES students’ employers have been Consultancies and Law firms, but also NGOs, National or Regional Representations, Governments and confederations.

The International Master in European Studies is organized jointly by the European Desk of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Institute of the European Studies of the Universitè Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve, cooperating since 2009 on the academic part. The quality of this collaboration is also certified through tests of evaluation ISO 9001: in the last editions, 95% of the students were very satisfied or satisfied of the Master and would recommend it to a friend.

In short, the IMES programme gives the same chance to be successful also to people who come from diverse educational backgrounds and are looking for a change in their career or are seeking a specialization as EU Project Manager and Consultant in EU Funding Programmes.

The meetings with experts finally contribute to the added value of the Master: experts, advisors and lobbyists working in Brussels share their experience with students, providing them with a wide vision of the different realities operating in the Brussels area in the European field and an inner insight of the dynamic and challenging Brussels job market.