A “Green Kitchen” for the Erasmus+ young chefs

The Italian Chambers of Commerce (CCIE) of Berlin, Thessaloniki, Marseilles, Madrid and Lisbon share their partnership with CESCOT Firenze Srl and UAB EU TRADE of Vilnius for GREEN KITCHEN giovani cuochi in mobilità (“young cooks in mobility”), the project within the Erasmus+ program, aimed at the international mobility of 60 young European chefs in the field of sustainable restoration.
10 young from Germany, 10 from Greece, 10 from France, 15 from Spain, 10 from Portugal and 5 from Lithuania, aged between 18 and 29 years will be selected and awarded an internship of 7 weeks at restaurants, specializing in vegetarian, vegan, sustainable and farm-to-table cooking.
Such an experience looks at acquiring new technical and professional skills in sustainable catering sector, as well as competing in different contexts and improving the foreign language skills, particularly in the target language (English).