ITKAM wants it ALL NOW

The Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany is the leading partner of the project ALLNOW – Accessibility for Leisure in Life now and the partnership network is composed by Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Sistema Camerale Servizi (Italy), Regione Marche (Italy), Village for All Srl (Italy), Istituto Italiano Per Il Turismo Per Tutti (Italy), Associazione Italiana Confindustria Alberghi (Italy), Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bulgaria) and Goranov I&V Ltd (Bulgaria)
The project, started on the 1st July 2016 for duration of 18 months, is funded by the COSME financial instruments in order to create and promote a tourist European Accessible Itinerary involving professionals, operators and communities. This program aims to create a wide range of destinations, events, accessible tourist services and sites in order to improve the travelers’ satisfaction providing/offering high-quality tourism products and raising awareness about the “Tourism For All” strategies.
The core idea of the project is to improve the attractiveness of the ALLNOW itinerary through the possibility of experiencing local traditional cultural festivals and folkloristic events in a real high quality accessible way.
The ALLNOW project can be a real turning point in hospitality and tourism regarding their accessibility. Thanks to the activities foreseen by the project, new solutions can be found to those obstacles that both enterprises and consumers, usually, meet.