EU Projects – Energy, Environment and Smart Cities

Energy, Environment and Smart Cities

Members of Myeuronet Network participate, as leader or partner, in several international projects financed by the European Union, the Italian Ministry for Economic Development or other international organisations. By participating in these initiatives, we ensure our customers a variety of high added value services related to vocational training, internationalisation of enterprises and entrepreneurship of young people.

Our most important mission is to monitor and analyse EU policies and funding programmes, to draft EU project and tenders, to define international partnerships, to implement and report projects to the EU. Currently, we are managing projects in the field of entrepreneurship, education, tourism, cooperation, development, food.

LACTIMED: cross-border cooperation to promote typical dairy products in the Mediterranean
My Euronext Partner Involved: Marseilles (Partner)
Partners: ANIMA Investment Network; Bizerte Regional Development Association; National Agricultural Bank; Bizerte Cluster; Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture; CCIA of Zahle and Bekaa; ASTER; Slow Food; Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food; Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce and Industry; University of Thessaly; College of International Transport and Logistics; German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce; Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier; General Authority for Investment (egypt)
E-mail Contact: (Silvia Bozzuto)
Funding Program: IEVP CT MED
Years: 2013/2016

Agricultural policies implemented by Mediterranean countries in recent decades have led to their increasing dependence on imports and to their total exposure to volatile international markets. The “Arab Spring” has highlighted the urgency of improving food security as well as the necessity to achieve a more integrated development of territories. LACTIMED proposes a new approach to address these challenges and focuses on the dairy sector, inwhich the needs are particularly pronounced and comparable to those of European countries. Thus, the project aims to foster the production and distribution of typical and innovative dairy products in the Mediterranean by organising local value chains, supporting producers in their development projects and creating new markets for their products. In the end, it will leadto the creation of the Mediterranean network of dairy clusters.

Development of an E-Auction Market for Agri-Food products in the CBC area
My Euronet Partner Involved: Thessaloniki (Leader)
Partners: Greece, FyroM
E-mail Contact: (Marco Della Puppa)
Funding Program: IPA Cross-border Greece-FyroM 2007-2013
Years: 2014/2015

The project idea is based to the successful model of On-line Commodity Exchange (BMTI). The market deals with on-line exchange of agricultural, food and fish products. Quick-response display of prices and quantities exchanged makes the BMTI a dependable negotiating tool. Therefore, the idea of developing such a tool in the Greece-FYROM CBC area was welcome by all partners. The project could be considered as pilot one, testing at first the operation of the e-auction platform in small part of the cross-border area and for a limited number of product categories. Hence the long-term objective is the expansion both of its geographical scope and product categories promoted within the e-auction system. An additional dimension of the project is the support of business innovation, extroversion and exporting activity in the cross-border area and especially the promotion of specific categories of agri-food products under a common cross-border brand name in the EU Markets (Italy and Germany).

El Portal del Made in Guatemala
MyEuronet Partner Involved: City of Guatemala (Leader)
Partners: Confartigianato of Vicenza, the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, Studio Marinelli (Florence)
E-mail Contact: (Gabriele Musto )
Funding Program: Al Invest IV
Years: 2012/2013

The CAMCIG created a virtual platform (with 67 Guatemalan enterprises) who met with more than 180 Italian Enterprises so they had the opportunity to introduce their products and promote the interest of making a partnership between both countries. After almost 6 CAMCIG chose the best 20 Enterprises from Guatemala to participate on a mission to Italy to meet and sign contracts with eventual italian partners and to make 2 show rooms , one in Firenze and another one in Vicenza.

Housing Policies for Sustainable Building
My Euronet Partner Involved: Thessaloniki (Partner)
Partners: Italy, Greece, Romania, Slovakia
E-mail Contact: (Marco Della Puppa)
Funding Program: Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships
Years: 2016/2018

The project entitled wants to develop, transfer and implement some practical innovative, as regards the Green Building (designing optimal environmentally buildings to minimize the impact environmental total associated with all phases of the construction project life cycle). This approach will facilitate cooperation among the different stakeholders, the promotion of entrepreneurial attitudes and skills for the creation of new professionals in the labor market. In addition, the project aims to promote and improve the quality the relationship between organizations and educational and job-training institutions.

Continuity of traditional enterprises in mountain alpine space areas
My Euronet Partner Involved: Munich and Stuttgart (Partner)
Partners: Italy, Slovenia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria
E-mail Contact: (Martina Agosti)
Funding Program: INTERREG Alpine Space
Years: 2016/2018

Demographic change and rising of aging index in AS areas could endanger the capability of territories to keep theirattractiveness because of the risk that companies are not right transferred and maintained alive. Business transfer is thus seen not only as a critical phase but as a way to strengthen the innovation potential of established SMEs and as an opportunity for business renewal. This is why C-TEMAlp goals are twofold: improving SMEs innovation, diversification and attractiveness through dedicated support services and testing innovative pilots of transnational business transfer. C-TEMAlp is based on capitalized experiences and strong innovation centres, that will ensure the sustainability afterward.

Joven Empresa Ecosostenibile
My Euronet Partner Involved: Madrid (Leader)
Partners: Portugal
E-mail Contact: (Fadia Khraisat)
Funding Program: Youth in action
Years: 2013/2014

The project was a transnational youth initiative between 4 young of MADRID, Spain, and 4 LISBON, Portugal. The project had the duration of 181 days, from September 1, 2013 until February 28, 2014 and it provided an awareness campaign aimed at young companies to promote green products. The aim has been to collect information, data and proposals to promote in both countries entrepreneurship among young people through a guide with all the necessary information for trade of organic products, support local and European level the young, free advice sites in the two countries involved, we have tried to encourage the dissemination of information gathered, favouring European cohesion and awareness of different realities.

Spainergy Mobility for Vet
My Euronet Partner Involved: Madrid (Leader)
Partners: Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria
E-mail Contact: (Fadia Khraisat)
Funding Program: LLP
Years: 2016/2018

The project stems from the specific requirement to provide, first, students of institutes involved to, KA2 VET project the opportunity to develop an internship abroad in all sectors that during the course of their daily tasks and work can implement measures for energy saving and efficiency. The project targets to 63 participants, 59 from 18 years old, young Spaniards and 4 under 18 years old, in vocational training intermediate and graduates in the year. Aims: to provide the opportunity for students the possibility of developing the FCT in a country of Erasmus + program and get the title of the corresponding family under the rules of the autonomous community of belonging and to recent graduates the project offers the possibility of having a first work experience abroad. Sectors: energy efficiency, energy saving, renewable energy and all sectors that during the course of their daily activities can implement efficiency measures and energy saving.

Accesibility for Leisure in Life now
My Euronet Partner Involved: Frankfurt (Leader)
Partners: Italy, Germany, Bulgaria
E-mail Contact: (Alessandra De Santis)
Funding Program: COSME
Years: 2016/2017

ALLNOW promotes a tourism Accessible European Itinerary, involving professional, operators and community on the opportunity of accessibility in tourism offer and improving their approaching paths to overall accessibility and to the universal design. Furthermore is in the aim of the project to contribute in creating critical mass of accessible destinations, attractions, sites, and tourism related services in order to raise satisfaction level from travellers. Therefore a high quality tourism product is the fil-rouge of the accessible project approach. The idea at the base of the itinerary is the common cultural heritage, that enhance the attractivity of the ALLNOW itinerary, based on the possibility to experience local traditional immaterial cultural festivals and folkloristic events in a real high quality accessible way.

Strengthening initiatives for the Economic, Social and Environmental Development of the actors involved in the production process from Cocoa until Chocolate in the Miranda State
My Euronet Partner Involved: Caracas (Leader)
Partners: Venezuela
E-mail Contact: (Jean Pietro Cattabriga)
Funding Program: EuropeAid/152267/DD/ACT/VE
Years: 2013/2014

The project objective is to to help improve the quality of life of cocoa growing farmers in the cocoa communities and chocolate craftswomen producers in Barlovento, Miranda state, stimulating in their economic conditions (household income) through sustainable development, rational use of natural resources and promoting local development and gender equality.

Greening the Business: Green Business Management Trainings
My Euronet Partner Involved: Lyon (Leader)
Partners: France, Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia
E-mail Contact: (Tiziana Carlino)
Funding Program: Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education
Years: September 2015/ August 2016

Systematic and integral training and tools towards green business management excellence and best practice are among priorities of EU strategy for sustainable growth and jobs. The challenges of greening their business are particularly acute for entrepreneurs and employees in micro and small firms who strive to upgrade their social and civic competencies. They tend to have greater problems and also face barriers in accessing affordable training to up-skill and take advantage of finding a job in the green economy.

Wellness and wellbeing experience across the European Routes of the Olive Tree
My Euronet Partner Involved: Lyon (Partner)
Partners: Italy, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Finland
E-mail Contact: (Tiziana Carlino)
Funding Program: COSME
Years: 2016/2017

Tourism is undergoing large changes, motivated by the need to adapt to increasingly skilled consumption by tourists, as they expect thematic tourism offer and higher customization of experiences. In this context, rural destinations are a fertile ground for emerging behavioral patterns of tourists, demanding for a large variety of personalized experiences and conveying a growing interest and concern about heritage, authenticity, health and contact with nature and local community’s traditions and habits. Well-O-live project designs a thematic tourism product focused on wellness and wellbeing activities across the Routes of Olive Tree (accredited by Council of Europe Cultural Routes), making rural destinations more attractive to discover, live, work and invest in. Well-O-live mixes together education with entertainment, providing an opportunity to create synergies between different kinds of tourism, such as: rural tourism, wine and food, wellness and wellbeing, cultural and eco-friendly.

Marketing, Internationalization & Development
My Euronet Partner Involved: Lyon (Partner)
Partners: Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Turkey
E-mail Contact: (Tiziana Carlino)
Funding Program: Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for VET
Years: 2016/2017

M.IN.D project aims to create a stable, European network between institutional, economic and training actors to analyse, design, test, validate and disseminate a European framework to qualify an «International Marketing Manager» vocational profile. The profile will be articulated in competences, describing knowledge and capacities, and contain indicators to identify possession/exercise of a set of distinctive skills to:
a) support SMEs in internationalisation processes;
b) analyse the internal and external resources of the enterprise to identify market opportunities and relative strategies to adopt;
c) define international marketing strategies;
d) guiding SMEs in defining export plans.
– validate and diffuse training standards and the didactic framework developed in the MIND project
– increase digital integration in learning, favouring access via the Open Educational Resources (OER) created with visual thinking techniques with the help of 2D/3D animations and games.

European Sweets Itineraries
My Euronet Partner Involved: Lisbon (Leader)
Partners: Portugal, Italy, Spain, Latvia
E-mail Contact: (Marcello Menichetti)
Funding Program: COSME
Years: 2016/2017

The aim of ESI- European sweets itineraries is to develop 3 educational school tours (in Italy, Spain and Portugal), where the focus is on sweets production and everything related to it, such as festivals, museums, and workshops. During the lifetime of the project the 3 itineraries will be dedicated to european culinary and hospitality school students. The school trips will be tested, in this phase, by 36 students from Latvia. The main long term goal is to make the itineraries become real tourism products, accessible to everyone, thus fostering a better economic environment for sme’s of tourism and sweets production sectors, promoting low season tourism and, possibly, involving also areas/cities out of the main tourist routes.

Sustainable Energy Management at Schools in Europe
MyEuronet Partner Involved: Madrid (Partner)
Partners: Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Latvia, Romania, United Kingdom, Greece
E-mail Contact: (Fadia Khraisat)
Funding Program: Erasmus+
Years: 2014/2017

The project aims to promote the orientation of young people through an academic apprenticeship that helps the students to be in a position to increase their skills and to make them aware of the opportunities for employment related to the energy sector. The aim of the project is therefore to raise awareness about training facilities on the themes of the green economy and to train young people from different European countries on the new professional profiles related to the energy in the building sector. The partnership integrates operators in the field of training and the European energy sector and 80 from schools where they will be directly involved in the activities around 1,500 students and 10,000 others informed. The target population is young people between 16 and 18 years old, the schools, the institutions responsible for the management of educational/training, economic operators in the energy sector.

Make it Sustainable – Building Material
My Euronet Partner Involved: Mumbai (Partner)
Partners: Italy, United Kingdom
E-mail Contact: (Claudio Maffioletti)
Funding Program: EBTC III
Years: 2015/2016

Publication of protocols for Environmental Products to facilitate penetration into the Indian market of European products with certified environmental performance.

My Euronet Partner Involved: Bangkok (Partner)
Partners: Thailand
E-mail Contact: (Alfonso Pellegrino)
Funding Program: Script
Years: 2013/2014

European Certification of the Thai silk.