EU Projects – Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs

Members of Myeuronet Network participate, as leader or partner, in several international projects financed by the European Union, the Italian Ministry for Economic Development or other international organisations. By participating in these initiatives, we ensure our customers a variety of high added value services related to vocational training, internationalisation of enterprises and entrepreneurship of young people.

Our most important mission is to monitor and analyse EU policies and funding programmes, to draft EU project and tenders, to define international partnerships, to implement and report projects to the EU. Currently, we are managing projects in the field of entrepreneurship, education, tourism, cooperation, development, food.

Continuity of traditional enterprises in mountain alpine space areas
MyEuronet Partner involved: Munich and Stuttgart (Partner)
Partners: Italy, Slovenia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria
E-mail Contact: Martina Agosti:
Funding Program: INTERREG Alpine Space
Years: 2016/2018
Demographic change and rising of aging index in AS areas could endanger the capability of territories to keep their attractiveness because of the risk that companies are not right transferred and maintained alive. Business transfer is thus seen not only as a critical phase but as a way to strengthen the innovation potential of established SMEs and as an opportunity for business renewal. This is why C-TEMAlp goals are twofold: improving SMEs innovation, diversification and attractiveness through dedicated support services and testing innovative pilots of transnational business transfer. C-TEMAlp is based on capitalized experiences and strong innovation centres, that will ensure the sustainability afterward.

Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs – Join Us with a Market Proposal in an International Network.
MyEuronet Partner involved: Frankfurt (Partner)
Partners: Germany, Macedonia, Portugal, Ireland, Lithuania, Estonia
E-mail Contact: (Alessandra De Santis)
Funding Program: COSME – Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs
Years: 2014/2016
To promote mobility opportunities for on-the-job training of start-up entrepreneurs to be hosted by experienced companies in a different European country. To recruit and match 84 nascent or new entrepreneurs with 84 small and medium-sized experienced enterprises from one of the EYE participating country in order to assess high quality applications and further set successful business relationships, based on sharing of knowledge, experience, competences and new skills. To support mobility actions in the most broad sense providing step-by-step assistance linked to travel and housing facilities, help-desk availability, financial advice and also supervision for reporting and results assessment. To inform the largest number of proactive Host and New Entrepreneurs (NEs and HEs) on EYE programme and on the opportunity it provides, through JUMP-IN consortium’s existing networks and databases (approx. 12000 entrepreneurs will be directly informed about the exchange scheme and its benefits).