EU Projects – Tourism

EU Projects – Tourism

Members of Myeuronet Network participate, as leader or partner, in several international projects financed by the European Union, the Italian Ministry for Economic Development or other international organisations. By participating in these initiatives, we ensure our customers a variety of high added value services related to vocational training, internationalisation of enterprises and entrepreneurship of young people.
Our most important mission is to monitor and analyse EU policies and funding programmes, to draft EU project and tenders, to define international partnerships, to implement and report projects to the EU. Currently, we are managing projects in the field of entrepreneurship, education, tourism, cooperation, development, food.

Lactimed: cross-border cooperation to promote typical dairy products in the Mediterranean
MyEuronet Partner Involved: Marseilles (Partner)
Partners: ANIMA Investment Network; Bizerte Regional Development Association; National Agricultural Bank; Bizerte Cluster; Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture; CCIA of Zahle and Bekaa;  ASTER; Slow Food;  Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food; Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce and Industry; University of Thessaly; College of International Transport and Logistics; German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce; Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier; General Authority for Investment (egypt)
E-mail Contact: (Silvia Bozzuto)
Funding Program: IEVP CT MED
Years: 2013/2016

Agricultural policies implemented by Mediterranean countries in recent decades have led to their increasing dependence on imports and to their total exposure to volatile international markets. The “Arab Spring” has highlighted the urgency of improving food security as well as the necessity to achieve a more integrated development of territories. LACTIMED proposes a new approach to address these challenges and focuses on the dairy sector, in which the needs are particularly pronounced and comparable to those of European countries. Thus, the project aims to foster the production and distribution of typical and innovative dairy products in the Mediterranean by organising local value chains, supporting producers in their development projects and creating new markets for their products. In the end, it will lead to the creation of the Mediterranean network of dairy clusters.

European Sweets Itineraries
MyEuronet Partner Involved: Madrid (Partner)
Partners: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Latvia
E-mail Contact: (Fadia Khraisat)
Funding Program: COSME
Years: 2016/2017

School trips are one of the things students look forward to during their school life and the experiences and memories from them are extremely durable. A school trip with its natural dynamic environment provides a learning venue that matches their natural inclination to know more about things engages even those with short attention spans and puts the learning subject in context. The project ESI aims to have students travel smart and become smarter travellers, thanks to educational tours on sweets production that will prepare them as responsible tourists and also give them the opportunity to have a learning experience while traveling.

Tourism for vet
MyEuronet Partner Involved: Madrid (Leader)
Partners: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece
E-mail Contact: (Fadia Khraisat)
Funding Program: Erasmus+
Years: 2015/2017
Project Duration: 24 months, from 1/06/2015-31/05/2017

Tourism for Vet has the objective to provide the opportunity for 80 students of Spanish institutes the opportunity to develop the FCT in a country of Erasmus + program and get the title of technician family of hospitality and tourism under the standards of the autonomous community of origin. Participants will have to possess the title of compulsory education achieved, and they have to be passed all the theoretical modules of the training cycle tourism and hospitality and only lack the FCT. Mobility will last 90 days. They can access practice students who have approved all theoretical modules of your professional profile and only have pending perform the FCT. Sectors: administration, food and dining, catering, bar, patisserie and bakery, travel agencies, marketing, reception, golf courses, SPA. 

Accesibility for Leisure in Life now
MyEuronet Partner Involved: Frankfurt (Leader)
Partners: Italy, Germany, Bulgaria
E-mail Contact: (Alessandra De Santis)
Funding Program: COSME
Years: 2016/2017

ALLNOW promotes a tourism Accessible European Itinerary, involving professional, operators and community on the opportunity of accessibility in tourism offer  and improving their approaching paths to overall accessibility and to the universal design. Furthermore  is in the aim of the project to contribute in creating critical mass of accessible destinations, attractions, sites, and tourism related services in order to raise satisfaction level from travellers. Therefore a high quality tourism product is the fil-rouge of the accessible project approach. The idea at the base of the itinerary is the common cultural heritage,  that enhance the attractivity  of the ALLNOW itinerary, based on the possibility to experience local traditional immaterial cultural festivals and folkloristic events in a real high quality accessible way.

Taste of Abbeys
MyEuronet Partner Involved: Frankfurt (Partner)
Partners: Italy, Holland, Germany, Belgium
E-mail Contact: (Alessandra De Santis)
Funding Program: COSME
Years: 2014/2015

The web platform, “Tastes of Abbeys”, is the main achievement of the EU-funded project “TATRA – Tastes of Trappists: a slow tourism experience”, realised by a consortium of seven partners in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. This project encourages visitors to undertake a transnational, “slow-tourism” experience in the regions around the Trappist abbeys. The aim of the newly created web platform is to promote the hiking and cycling routes available, providing interactive maps of the routes, highlighting the points of interest for individual travellers and suggesting different types of holiday packages.

Umayyad Route
MyEuronet Partner Involved: Tunis (Partner)
Partners: Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon
E-mail Contact: (Iazhari Olfa)
Funding Program: Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme
Years: 2012/2016

At Mediterranean level, tourism has often led many countries and regions to develop the industry in a competitive way rather than in a cooperative manner. For obvious climatic reasons but also due the role played by tour operators, Mediterranean tourism destinations have based their growth essentially on a “sun and sea” vision and developed strategies aimed at maximizing short term profits instead of addressing the needs and expectations of customers and residents. In this sense, there is a real need to adopt and introduce new consumer models translated into environmentally friendly tourism products, respecting natural resources and diversifying the seasonal nature of tourism demand. UMAYYAD contributes to this objective by promoting sustainable tourism based on the synergies derived from the design of a cross-border itinerary between 6 countries sharing common history and cultural background.

Routes of the Olive Tree
MyEuronet Partner Involved: Lyon (Partner)
Partners: Italy, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Finland
E-mail Contact: (Tiziana Carlino)
Funding Program: COSME
Years: 2016/2017

Tourism is undergoing large changes, motivated by the need to adapt to increasingly skilled consumption by tourists, as they expect thematic tourism offer and higher customization of experiences. In this context, rural destinations are a fertile ground for emerging behavioral patterns of tourists, demanding for a large variety of personalized experiences and conveying a growing interest and concern about heritage, authenticity, health and contact with nature and local community’s traditions and habits. Well-O-live project designs a thematic tourism product focused on wellness and wellbeing activities across the Routes of Olive Tree (accredited by Council of Europe Cultural Routes), making rural destinations more attractive to discover, live, work and invest in. Well-O-live mixes together education with entertainment, providing an opportunity to create synergies between different kinds of tourism, such as: rural tourism, wine and food, wellness and wellbeing, cultural and eco-friendly.

European Sweets Itineraries
MyEuronet Partner Involved: Lisbon (Leader)
Partners: Portugal, Italy, Spain, Latvia
E-mail Contact: (Marcello Menichetti)
Funding Program: COSME
Years: 2016/2017

The aim of ESI- European sweets itineraries is to develop 3 educational school tours (in Italy, Spain and Portugal), where the focus is on sweets production and everything related to it, such as festivals, museums, and workshops. During the lifetime of the project the 3 itineraries will be dedicated to european culinary and hospitality school students. The school trips will be tested, in this phase, by 36 students from Latvia. The main long term goal is to make the itineraries become real tourism products, accessible to everyone, thus fostering a better economic environment for sme’s of tourism and sweets production sectors, promoting low season tourism and, possibly, involving also areas/cities out of the main tourist routes.

El Portal del Made in Guatemala
MyEuronet Partner Involved: City of Guatemala (Leader)
Partners: Confartigianato of Vicenza, the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, Studio Marinelli (Florence )
E-mail Contact: (Gabriele Musto)
Funding Program: Al Invest IV
Years: 2012/2013

The CAMCIG created a virtual platform ( with 67 Guatemalan enterprises) who met with more than 180 Italian Enterprises so they had the opportunity to introduce their products and promote the interest of making a partnership between both countries. After  almost 6 CAMCIG chose the  best  20  Enterprises from Guatemala to participate on a mission to Italy to meet and sign contracts with eventual italian partners and to make 2 show rooms , one in Firenze and another one in Vicenza.

KA1 Learning active in the restaurant sector
MyEuronet Partner Involved: Budapest (Leader)
Partners: Hungary, Italy
E-mail Contact: (Ferdinando Martignago)
Funding Program: Erasmus +
Years: 2015/2016

The project KA1 provides for 24 Hungarian citizens, aged between 18 and 30 years old, to participate in an internship abroad for 140 days,  in hotels and catering facilities, giving them the opportunity to learn and acquire new practical skills and methods related to food and hospitality, and developing  their professional and linguistic skills, personality, intercultural relations and ability to build partnerships.  Before leaving, an extensive and teambuilding oriented training will be organized for the participants. The training will set up according to the “Flipped Classroom” method, and will cover the areas of linguistic, culture, legal, work and health care and conflict management. Mentoring as well as professional, linguistic and cultural development will be facilitated by: a Cultural Mediator, a Hungarian teacher of Italian language, a native Italian tutor, a professional tutor and a Project Responsible, who will take care of the trainee for the whole length of the project.